By Ged Parton, Chief Executive Officer

When sharing the Maru Text Analytics capability with clients, one of the first questions we are often asked is ‘What level of accuracy can I achieve?”

Speaking to people keen to use automated verbatim analysis tools, they’ve often been promised 100% accuracy from this sort of technology in the past, only to find that this is never the case.

Accuracy is frequently dependent on a number of different factors. …

By Vik Sood, Senior Vice President & Patrick Tillman, Senior Research Manager, Consumer Goods and Services

Continuing with our 3-part series on HENRYs, those High Earners who are Not Rich Yet, we discuss a topic that appears close to the hearts of this group — Travel.

Using our proprietary software, Maru/HUB, we studied this niche group in the US through Maru’s Instant Qualitative environment. It allowed us to efficiently moderate a discussion over three days and engage on the topics of financial sentiment, travel, and wellness. …

By Audra Priluck, Vice President, Business Development, Media & Entertainment

The NFL Super Bowl is a unique event. It stands head and shoulders above all other sporting cultural events in America in terms of popularity, our research has revealed. But the recent Super Bowl LV was an odd affair. The stands were filled with 30,000 cut-outs of people, mixed in with 25,000 actual fans. Some advertisers skipped the game. The legendary half time show received mixed reviews from the critics. The game lacked excitement; it was a very one-sided affair. Streaming was up but it had the lowest TV rating

By Lesley Sloggett, Research Director, Consumer Goods & Services & Liz Miller, Vice President, Business Development

What do you call a 24–40-year-old with household income of over six figures, yet still lives on the financial edge? A HENRY — a High Earner who is Not Rich Yet. Where HENRYs typically have expensive spending habits, they are bogged down by debt (>$50,000+) and/or don’t have a large nest egg of savings (less than the amount of three months’ salary available in non-retirement fund accounts). This translates to a potentially perilous situation for HENRYs. If a HENRY were to stop working, their…

By Sara Cappe, Managing Director, Public Services

Utilities in the US are caught between a rock and a hard place. An estimated 80 million Americans are struggling to pay their bills, including their utility bills. It is projected that Utilities will be stuck with unpaid bills totaling $35-$40 billion dollars by Spring. And that money will be owed by people who are ill equipped to pay it off, if at all.

We believe that Utilities can work through this situation providing they embrace the need for innovation and act right now.

Our recent whitepaper, Customer Focused Utilities, draws on our…

By Rene Huey-Lipton, SVP, Qualitative Insights

Exploring consumers own innovations is a brilliant and insightful way to provide new stimulus for the innovation cycle and the concept development process. We recently explored cooking and food on our flexible HUB Instant Qual application and gave our respondents the freedom to invent the coolest kitchen gadget they could imagine.

We discovered that most of them invented gadgets that fell into three areas: Planning, Prep and Cleaning. The brilliant consumer creativity that we uncovered, expressed through invented gadgets, revealed areas where people want new solutions, new ideas. …

By Ged Parton, Chief Executive Officer & Carlos Palacio, Chief Information Officer

Questions of Cybersecurity and Compliance are rarely out of the headlines these days. It is a serious set of issues for Enterprise working with Software vendors. For the vendor appropriate delivery requires a serious commitment in resource, policy and continuous assessment.

To help Enterprise inform thinking on the suitability and credibility of Software vendors we have defined below the four main themes that should be evidenced by CX and Insights Software providers.

Maru makes these issues a priority by a unique proactive approach based on the themes of…

By Andrew Hawn, Managing Director, Technology & Tommy Stinson, Managing Director, Qualitative Insights

In an age where the Internet is simply an indispensable part of life, the use of a search engine is foundational. It is the way in which we find takeout food, restaurants, household furnishings, fashion — and yes even friends and lovers. In short, search engines are the machine that powers our modern world. …

By Audra Priluck, Vice President, Media & Entertainment | March 16, 2021

We measured both interest in watching and how exciting people find the event to be, because we believe that understanding the intersection between behavior and emotion is critical.

We start by utilizing passive System 1 tools (in this case IAT) to understand the strength and influence of subconscious connections. That captures the emotions that drive the human decision-making process. Then we layer on choice-based methodologies to replicate how consumers behave when faced with decisions. …

By Michelle Walkey, Managing Director of Canada & Retail

Canada’s big 5 banks have stood the test of time, generating generous profits through good times and bad. They appear so solid that they seem to be carved from the unyielding granite of the Canadian Shield. But a look beneath the surface using our unique tools reveals a weakness.

Millennials and Gen Z don’t have the same feelings about these banks as older generations do. And they have a more favorable perception of more modern online financial services companies like Tangerine and PC Financial. …

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Maru helps its clients make informed decisions in real-time by combining proprietorial software, deep industry experience, and unique IP in system 1 apps.

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