An Advertisement That Rocked My World

  1. Information is coming from everywhere;
  2. Insights need to move at the speed of business;
  3. Researchers need to learn to be more information agnostic;
  4. The way we communicate insights needs to change.

Information is coming from everywhere

For almost a century, survey research had a lock on insights. Want to know what people did? Do a survey. Wish to understand what people are thinking? Do a focus group to figure out what is going on, and then quantify it. There were few other reliable sources of specific information on people’s choices. But the world has changed, drastically.

Insights need to move at the speed of business

Moore further explains that “the business expectation around speed has changed.” Telstra is now better able to mine customer data and get accurate, up-to-date information almost instantly. That, she says, “puts pressure on other research to be significantly faster.” Barton makes a similar point “Who needs a survey that takes nine weeks to complete? Or who needs focus groups where I will get back to you in six weeks?”

Researchers need to learn to be less survey centric

With information coming from everywhere, we need to pick up new skills. I wrote about this earlier in a piece entitled Back to School, For Insights Professionals, so I won’t belabor the point here. But it is important to underscore how big a challenge this is, and how essential it is that we invest more in education. The #NewMR’s recent report reveals how scandalously little time we, as an industry, are currently spending learning.

The way we communicate (and collect) insights needs to change



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Maru = Software + Advisory Services

Maru = Software + Advisory Services


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