Parents No Longer Feel Food Brands Care — What’s Happened?

Brands are over-relying on desire and instant gratification

There’s a high degree of consistency in the emotional signature of how food brands currently communicate with parents across the UK, France and Germany. If the intention was to drive brand synergies and a ‘one size fits all’, it’s working. But is that what parents want?

The ideal communication needs more than just desirability

Knowing the status quo isn’t enough to drive action for food brands. We used Brand Emotion to ask parents what the ideal communications from food brands should feel like — what’s the ideal emotional signature? By establishing both the current and ideal emotional signature, we’ve unlocked an emotional pathway on how to meet their wider emotional needs. This is the key to making the emotional connection that influences future behaviour and drives choices at point of purchase.

Three nourishing lessons for food brands to show they care

Parents don’t have a problem with food brands promoting desirability by focusing on the most seductive attributes, but brands that rely on this alone risk being considered as one-dimensional or even irrelevant based on evolving emotional needs. With health such a high priority now, they must be sensitive to, and meet, the wider emotional needs of parents.



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Maru = Software + Advisory Services

Maru = Software + Advisory Services


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