TV Is On The Cusp Of Radical Reinvention

Television ecosystem today

  1. Content development (actors, social media users, directors, personalities, writers, producers);
  2. Content production (studios, live, production co., ad agencies, branded content);
  3. Content aggregators (ad supported TV, pay TV and OTT, digital publishers, theater exhibitors, social media platforms);
  4. Content distributors (multichannel video programming distributors, telcos, satellite, internet services providers, theater exhibitors);
  5. Distribution technology (TVs, smartphones, tablets, out-of-home media, cars, theaters, social media platforms);
  6. Distributions screens (TVs, smartphones, tablets, VR headsets, billboards, in-dash, in-theater).

Content is still king, but…

Content first, but that’s not all…

  1. Strong original content development and production (i.e. studios);
  2. Evergreen content libraries (i.e. studios, indie distributors);
  3. Some ownership control over the content delivery system (“pipe”) to the consumer;
  4. 100% ownership and control over their own distribution platforms/apps;
  5. Broad-reaching owned and operated digital marketing assets (.coms, social media platforms, mobile apps);
  6. Ancillary internet of things services, platforms, and devices (e.g. in-home security) for bundling;
  7. The ability to scale globally.
  1. Walt Disney
  2. Apple
  3. Amazon
  4. Comcast
  5. Facebook
  6. AT&T
  7. Google
  8. Verizon

Life could soon be a “silicon” beach

Must-view television



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Maru = Software + Advisory Services

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